We send Just A Kind Note to…

Everyone who needs them.

The Lonely & Depressed

Those individuals that are isolated and feeling depressed as a result of loneliness, mental illness, or unemployment.

College Students & Youth

With the limitations of current University learning, many college students are losing direction and hope for their future. Overwhelmed with today’s situation, children have limited social engagement.

The Elderly & Sick

Our older generation needs human engagement and the comfort of positive affirmations. Due to shrinking social circles and aging, we want to uplift their well-being, minimize loneliness, and maintain connectedness.

First Responders & Frontline Professionals

Our nurses, doctors, firefighters, EMTs, police officers, and essential personnel face the most difficult circumstances daily.

Small Businesses

The challenges of being a small business may lead to permanent closings, decreased revenue, and limited staff. Show compassion to restaurants, grocery stores, gyms, non-profits, and those in the service industry.

We currently support…

  • Individuals Across the U.S. Germany, Great Britain, and Japan

  • Hospitals and Hospices

  • Domestic Violence Locations

  • Drug Recovery Locations

  • Spanish Speaking Communities

  • Schools

  • Small Businesses

Kind Notes Sent
Our Goal for 2023
Our Dream Goal!

Because it makes a difference!

Be A Kind Writer

For the Reader

“How did you know I needed a lift lately?!!! I don’t know Stephanie but she helped me get out of bed today.”

Abigail H.

“I worked 2 jobs to get through college only to not have a graduation and I haven’t found a professional job yet. Today, I received a note from someone I don’t know that helped a lot. My note was 1 sentence and it said, “The size of your success is measured by the strength of your desire, the size of your dream, and how you handle disappointment along the way.”

Alan T.

“I received Just A Kind Note from Theresa 20 years ago and I still have it. As I read it and re-read it many years later, it still makes me smile.”

Crystal B.

“Thank you so much for the encouraging note you sent me, the team, and the women. In a world mired in turmoil and uncertainty, kindness and encouragement refresh the soul!”

Faith House

“Debra, Thank you and Just A Kind Note for your thoughtfulness and kindness. The thought that you are miles away and thinking and praying for me has lifted my spirit and will remain in my heart forever.”

Yvonne M.

“Good people are like angels you don’t have to see them to know they are there.”


“My senior year of high school wasn’t celebrated. I didn’t have a graduation. I didn’t have a senior trip. I can’t start college the same way it’s been done in the past. I’ve been really upset and disappointed. This note says, ‘One’s best success comes after their greatest disappointments.’ I will focus on future successes. Thank you!”

Claire S.

For the Writer

“Writing Just A Kind Note to someone in need of a word of encouragement fills me with so much joy and makes my soul feel good. Knowing that my note arrived at a time when someone was at a low point and to hear them say the kind word lifted their spirits is an AMAZING feeling.”


“Over 20 years ago, I met someone who said she had no one to talk to during the week. She was lonely. It touched my heart and left an imprint so deep that I started sending her and many others a handwritten “Just A Kind Note.” As a Kind Writer, sending a note is so rewarding. I value the opportunity to give recipients a reason to smile, a chance to feel connected, an uplifting moment in time that is memorable, and replayed every time the note is read.”


“I became a member of Just A Kind Note to give back. This small gesture has the ability to make a huge positive impact on someone’s life. I hope to put a smile on someone’s face and warmth in their heart. It gives us a chance to make a difference, with Just A Kind Note.”


“I have always had a heart for helping people and visiting the sick. At my church, I was a member of the Women’s Missionary Union (WMU) until the group became defunct. Our charge was to visit the sick and shut-in, feed and provide clothes for the homeless, visit nursing homes, and much more. I have a passion for visiting and calling the sick and shut-in. When my niece approached me about joining JAKN, I said yes with hesitation. The thought of being a part of an organization that helps to uplift the well-being of others warms my heart and a one-year commitment is a piece of cake. I am truly honored to have been invited to join this organization.”


“I write for JAKN to put a smile on someone’s face and to let them know they are not alone.”


“It brings much joy to my heart to know that words can change the perspective of any person or situation. Words are powerful and cost nothing.”


“As a college student, I know the feeling of being away from loved ones for a long period of time and how upsetting it can get. JAKN made me realize how powerful words can be and how just a small gesture can really help make someone’s day in times of uncertainty.”


Words from Kind Ambassadors

Here’s how we send…

Anyone can sign up to be a Kind Writer and send Just A Kind Note.

Complete our Kind Writer registration form to get started. Due to the overwhelming demand for Kind Notes, we request a one-year commitment and a minimum of three (3) handwritten notes per month.

We help you Spread Kindness.

If you do not have anyone to send a Kind Note to, we will provide referrals. We are regularly contacted by individuals and organizations in need of Kind Notes.

Kindness with no strings attached.

All Kind Writers must use our designated P.O. Box for the return address. We ask that there be no followup with the recipient, because we believe that kindness should come with no strings attached.

We need Kind Writers

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Become a Kind Writer

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It’s easy to get started to write A Kind Note. Click here to fill out our Kind Writer Registration form. Click here to visit the FAQs page for more specific details and more information.