Children can volunteer to be Kind Junior Writers

Children Practicing Kindness

Here are some ideas how to engage children into writing Just A Kind Note.

Make Kindness A Home Event

With many schools doing virtual learning, children and parents are looking for ideas to keep their children active and engaged. Consider signing up as a family to be a Kind Writer and send Kind Notes every month to those that need them.

Kindness As A School Activity

Are you a school or daycare professional? Make Kindness a part of your daily activities or curriculum and sign up your entire class to be Kind Writers Junior.

Live Events for High Schoolers

Join our Live Virtual Events which will bring the high school community together to write Kind Notes and enjoy activities like live DJs, cooking classes, eSports, and more!

Get started.

Sign up your children to become Kind Junior Writers below.

Program Details…

  • Please complete and Submit the Just A Kind Note Junior registration form here
  • We ask that our Kind Writers commit to writing at least (3) Kind notes each month
  • All Kind Notes must be sent via USPS and are official only with the official P.O.Box return address
  • Our Kind Writers may not contact the letter recipients in any way after sending Just A Kind Note. True Kindness has no strings attached.

P.O. Box  544 Walkersville, MD 21793

What to write…

  • A short and encouraging note
  • A poem or uplifting phrase
  • A short personal story to encourage

Program Registration